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Hello everyone ! :)
First, before talking about the video, I've something to say to everyone ! ^^ The famous mexican wordpress
~Fragrance~ have decided to accept me as a member of their Killer's Crew, it's the main staff ! :) I'm very honoured, because it's a very great website with a lot of news and sometimes download (just like with TV shows) and they deserve a lot of love ! :)
Well, I've searched recently on my DVDs and I've found a video I've recorded a long time ago, it was for the Paralympic Games who Gackt have supported. I've ripped this from the NHK website in April, and I've absolutely forgot to share this little video, so enjoy ! =P

A special Christmas Present will be uploaded soon, a very big present for all the fandom, I've made the first part of this present, now, I currently made the second part, be patient ! =P
Current Mood: amusedMy custom mood is back ! =P
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24 December 2009 @ 11:36 pm
~ Even if I hate Christmas, I wish to everyone a Merry Christmas ! ~

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