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23 December 2009 @ 02:37 am
Hello everyone ! ^^
Sorry for the lack of updates these days, but I was really pissed (and I'm still) with my hotlinked pictures that I had to change my mind for a bit of times. Well, it's not news because I've found this the last month, but here is the Gakuensai setlist, it's the song he have performed in stage. The GACKTJob have also performed some songs.

Credits goes to
abiona_sashenka on LJ ! ^^

1. End of Sorrow - Luna Sea (GACKT vocal)
2. True Blue - Luna Sea (GACKT vocal)
3. Just One More Kiss - Buck-Tick (GACKT vocal)
4. Gloria - Ziggy (GACKT vocal)
5. Stay Away - L'Arc~en~Ciel (GACKT vocal)
6. 粉雪 (Kona Yuki, "Powder Snow") - レミオロメン (RemioRomen) (GACKT vocal)
7. Au Revoir - Malice Mizer (GACKT vocal)
8. 離したくはない (Hanashitaku ha nai) - T-Bolan (GACKT vocal)
9. TRAIN TRAIN - The Blue Hearts (Jun-ji vocal, GACKT on drums)
10. 終わらない歌 (Owaranai Uta) - The Blue Hearts (Jun-ji vocal, GACKT on drums)
11. Week End - X Japan (ChaCha vocal, GACKT on drums)
12. X - X Japan (ChaCha vocal, GACKT on drums)
13. Shake - SMAP (GACKT main vocal, all Job members supporting)
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