December 20th, 2009

Takanori Nishikawa in Paris

[NicoNico Xmas live] Gackt & Takanori - Talk + KonaYuki in (12.18.2009) ~HQ~

Hello minna-san ! ^^
I've decided to share a cropped part of the recent Xmas show in the NicoNico Douga website. This part are the part when Gackt and all the guys scream "Ichigo-chan" and when Takanori go back. They sing KonaYuki together, Takanori miss to sing this song at the begining. They also talk about Dragon Ball Z, I wonder what they say exactly ... lol
Well, thanks to Gubung for the original video, i've cropped the NicoNico banner and all the black lines all around the original file.

Join the files together with the software called HJsplit ! ^^