December 18th, 2009

Gackt on NicoNico

[NicoNico Douga] Gackt - Xmas live (12.18.2009) ~Screencaps~

Hello everyone ! ^^ First, sorry for the lack of updates these last days, I was terribly busy, I didn't found the time for uploading something. Today, I've something to share. Unfortunatly, it's NOT the video, because my computer starting to die little by little, but it's some good screencaps of the recent Xmas show who Gackt was. It was a very amazing show, during 2H, he talk and sing some christmas songs. He have talked with some guys about relationship and a LOT about sex ! =P Artisticcrazy have recorded perfectly the whole show, she will work on this soon as she can, be patient ! :)

Credit me if you repost these screencaps, thank you ! ^^

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