December 6th, 2009

Bad Gackt

[PV] Gackt - Setsugekka ~HQ~

Hello everyone ! :)
Hahaha, I'm evil, I know, but I've laugh when I've seen so much comment about my previous comment when I've decided to tease my F-list, I know Setsugekka will be a good tease for everyone,
MWUAHAHAHA !!!! xD but now, you don't have to wait anymore everyone, the PV in HQ is now aviable. I've downloaded the HQ PV (637 Mbs), but I think it was hard to share the big file with megaupload or even MediaFire, so I've re-encoded the file. The resolution is not the same, the file is not too big, but the quality is still awesome ! =P
I've though right to not share my first version of this PV, because I can provide now a really better one ! ^^

MediaFire link : [PV] Gackt - Setsugekka ~HQ~.avi (92 Mb)