December 4th, 2009

Arena 10 Min.

Random ...

Well, everyone surely wondering why I didn't updated my LJ recently. A lot of personal reasons didn't put me in a good mood for LJ stuff. I've recently discovered that the covers of the next Gackt single are released, they are really good ! *_*
I seriously need to sleep, and to have a real plan for my life. I remember a post of my friend who asked me what I plan to do in my life. I plan to have my girlfriend/wife by my side in a really beautifull house with a great job (not the one I've actually ! lol), to be happy in my life, I don't want more ! ^^
After all, we can live with only some love & fresh waters, right ? ^__^ (don't know if it's a french expression or not ! lol)

I've a lot of things to share, maybe the Setsugekka PV, the You version with Gackt in the theater of, the WoWoW MC of Diabolos subbed, and sooo many other things. I've also to anwser to the friend request in my main entry in the top of my LJ, pfiou, a lot of things ! lol I want also to say that a few people who commented without an account on LJ and still request me to add them as a friend. It's impossible, create a LJ account first, and comment again, I can't add a simple IP adress ! xDD

I'm sorry for not replying for now to the comments everyone left in my LJ, on recent entries or not, and I apologize for the peoples who wait an anwser in PM, I'm busy, and not really in a good mood ... ^^"

I plan to make a surprise to the GACKT fandom for Xmas, I will share this all around the web, just like R&R II, I mean also on torrent websites, I think it's pretty a good idea to do this, very rare stuff for everyone. All the peoples who help me the get these things will be credited, of course ! ^__^

See ya, and please, don't worry about me, I'm okay for now, I just need to accomplish some tasks, especially with my girlfriend in order to be in a better mood ! ^__^'