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Hello everyone ! :)
I've to share what I've promised to some of my friends, the postcards I've bought at the Paris concert of Abingdon Boys School. Even if it's not Gackt, these postcards are wonderfull, I love how they are colored ! *_*
Well, don't worry my Gackt friends, a second entry wait to be posted with HQ videos, especially CM, be patient ! ^__^

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Current Music: Abingdon Boys School - Via Dolorosa
16 November 2009 @ 03:01 pm
Hello everyone ! ^^
I've promised that I will upload something in HQ related to Gackt today, and here I am. I've decided to upload a CM cherished by a lot of girls (xD) because Gackt are with a very beautifull girl ! =P
I hope you will enjoy this short CM, of course, this one is in HQ, and don't hesitate to watch the beautifull body of the girl (for girls, you can be jealous of course ! xD) !

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