November 8th, 2009


[TV] Gackt - Press Conference about NemuriXGACKT (11.05.2009) ~HQ~

Hello everyone ! ^^
I've recently seen in Youtube that the website "Jijipana" have uploaded a better version of the last video I've previously uploaded here. And, as a true HQ hunter, I can't resist to provide and share with everyone this video, converted in .avi format.
Someone can say me that the file is pretty big, I agree, but if someone say that, tell me how did you converted the original .flv file downloaded from Youtube, and you will be my savior, because it was hard for me to found a software in my computer who can convert the video without loosing quality, so enjoy the video, no matter the size, okay ? =P ^___^

I will be in my final hiatus for 4 days, because I will go to Paris for the concert of Abingdon Boys School, the 11th November, so, see you soon, and when I will come back at home, I will write a live report with some pictures, okay ? :)