November 6th, 2009


[TV] Gackt - Press Conference about NemuriXGACKT (11.05.2009) ~semi-HQ~

Hello everyone ! ^_^
First, thanks for the support of everyone in my previous entry, it's really appreciated, but you don't have to worry too much, really, I'm feeling better these days ! ^^
Well, today, I've decided to share a recent video, VERY recent video because the video was released few hours ago. This video is about the recent press conference about the NemuriXGACKT project where Gackt will act as Nemuri Kyoshiro. This video is not really in good quality, but this is the best than I can, since the website where the video is online (
MSN Japan) didn't have a good quality at all. But the file is a bit better than Youtube, this is why I've decided to share the video ! ^_^


This file is the original file you play on MSN website, you have to use the latest version of VLC media player if you can't play this video on your computer.