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~ I will made a hiatus for 1 week again, I will go to see my girlfriend again. ~
~ Hehe, but this time, I will not leave this place without uploading something ... ~
~ I will not be here for around 9 days, so, I've decided to upload 9 videos right now ! ~
~ I will set the date for each days that I'm not here, it will be like I'm still here after all, don't you thin ? :) ~
~ See ya everyone, I will anwser to every comments I will recieve later, don't hesitate to leave comments, okay ? ~
22 October 2009 @ 03:45 am
Hello everyone ! :)
I know people like E-MA commercials, so, I think it's a pretty good idea to share an another CM for people who love this. But please remember, this CM is not in a crappy quality at all, it's in HQ (not so big, but for a CM, it's in HQ ! ^^)
Hope you will enjoy everyone ! :)
Don't forget to check the other uploads at my LJ, okay ? ^^

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