October 18th, 2009

Takegami Gackt

Gackt - Maltazar voice {Arthur and the invisibles} ~Gackt cut~

Hello everyone ! :)
Today, I want to share with everyone a new video, requested by one of my friend a long time ago. This is the Gackt cut (Thanks to ryuik) where Gackt give his voice to the character called "Maltazar" in the movie created by Luc Besson : Arthur and the invisibles.
The video who can be found in internet was not correctly sized, I've re-encoded the file into a 16/9 format, for a better experience. Look at the two pictures, the first one is the original video, and the second one is my version, I think it's better now, right ? ^^
~This is uploaded into MediaFire, it will be not the same for my other uploads, but I've get some free time today ! ^^~

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