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Hello everyone ! :)
Recently, two great friends of me have sended me the WoWoW version of Requiem & Reminiscence I, who Gackt performed this awesome concert, at the Yokohama Arena, in 2001.
Because the concert is released in DVD, I will not share the concert, but only the MC, right before Papa lapped a pap lopped. It's so funny to see him in this MC, he talk about beautifull women in France, funny stories with his car, and so many other things. Even if you didn't understand something, it's funny to see him talking like that ! lol

Anyway, I've to say something, I don't own Gackt or something else, I've put a watermark on the video because I don't want to see this spreaded by someone who want to act as a proud guy because HE found this. I don't want to see these kind of people on internet. Two possibility come to my mind, the first one is "You don't have to share this, it's a private stuff", but the second one was "If I put watermark, maybe I can share one part or two ...", and I've chosen the second possibility.
If someone doesn't agree with this, I don't care, if I can share some rare stuff with everyone, who care a little watermark, people still can enjoy this very rare stuff, that's all ! :)

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Current Music: Gackt - Sayonara