September 18th, 2009

Gackt on NicoNico

[CM] Gackt - Weatherman for E-MA candies ~HQ~

Hello minna-san ! :)
Today, I will pretty busy, but it's mean I will not upload something. Here is today a little video, a CM, in HQ !!! ¤_¤
I guess I don't need to explain much more this CM, but keep in mind this CM is in HQ, the best quality ever for the best funniest Gackt CM. Please click on the thumb if you want to see the real quality of this video ! ^__^

Arena 10 Min.

[TV] Gackt - Talk in Asia Song Festival 2009 (2009.09.19)

Hello everyone ! :)
I know, it's a second post (the third for my friends), but I can't resist to upload this video. This video was made really recently in korea for the Asia Song Festival 2009.
This talk come from the full press conference, uploaded by
gubung2 (thanks to her), and I've cropped everything who was NOT the talk, this video is GACKT only, and he speak korean very well ! ^__^