August 7th, 2009

Sengokushi GACKT

[WoWoW] GACKT - Requiem & Reminiscence II ~HQ Whole Concert~

artisticcrazy mnktt who help me for the way to record online WoWoW streaming. Even if I didn't use this method ot get the concert, she try to help me, and it's help me a lot ! ^^
I have to say thank you to all people who trust in me in this task, since it wasn't easy to put my hands on it. Sorry if I forgot someone in the thanks list ! ^^"

Very well, now is the time to show you the links for the concert. I've cutted the concert into many parts. You should join the parts with HJSplit, and enjoy the show.
The concert was recorded by Akatsuki and originally uploaded in .iso version by Kaoru.
Please note the Violin duet, My father's day, the dance before GHOST, the middle movie and the ending movie are not include inside this version.
If you want to download the concert with english or german subs, check this entry and say thanks to everyone's work, and do not re-upload please

Please say thank you if you take the concert, it will be very appreciated, and if you post around the concert with my links or not, please credit me with this Livejournal entry, thank you !