July 19th, 2009

Gackt on NicoNico

Funny story about my Mom & Gackt !

Today, a very funny thing happen with my mother !
She decide to come to a random forum in internet about his favourite game, and she said "Franck, can you help me, I want a Gackt userpic". So, I ask her what kind of picture she want on the forum. My mom wanted a Uesugi picture first, but she cannot find a decent picture (damn Google search pictures ! XD)

Then, she ask me to find an actual picture of him, I show her some R&R II pictures coming from the Pamphlet of this tour, but she said again "No, Gackt look like nazi, and in this forum, I don't think it's a good idea". Damn, what kind of pictures can I found now ? XDD

Then, I choose a recent picture of Gackt, but a special one for my mother, this one :

When I show the picture to my mom, she didn't say something first, but then : "He's so gorgeous, I want this one, now !" XDD

I laugh so hard with her next ! :P