July 3rd, 2009


[PV] Gackt - GHOST ~HQ Screencaps~

Hello to everyone here ! :)
I've decided to share with everyone a lot of screencaps I made. This time, this is the GHOST PV, and the screencaps coming from my DVD. This PV is amazing in HQ version, and you will surely become very happy when you start watching these screencaps ! ^_^

The PV in HQ are aviable here, please, take a look and enjoy !

Collapse )

[PV] Gackt - GHOST (DVDrip) ~HQ Download~

Hello again minna-san ! :)
I want to made my last entry about GHOST, and this entry give you a very rare HQ download, this is the GHOST PV, directly extracted from the .vob file inside my DVD. I've used a special skill for ripping this clip, and the result is so much better than my others DVDrip ! :)

And I've posted so many entry in one day because I will not update my Livejournal the 4, 5 and surely the 6th July, because I will be with my girlfriend. It's mean I surely don't post here the Flower live in Music Station soon, sorry for the incovenance, I will upload a lot of stuff, like Hero's Hero when I return to my home ! ^^

Let's download this AMAZING video in HQ everyone !