June 21st, 2009

Sengokushi GACKT

Nine*Nine : Gackt & You ~HQ English & French subs~

Hello everyone ! :)
I've managed to sub a very great video recently. This is the little talk with Gackt and You at the radio show inside the DVD inclued in the Nine*Nine Box.
As you can see, two differents subs are aviable, the english one, but the french one too. I'm french and I want to share this funny momment through my french friends ! ^^

I've not translated this, for the translation, you can say a big thanks to
you_aishiteru, she was the one who made the two translations ! ^^

This entry wasn't locked for everyone, but when I will share the whole Nine*Nine, only those who are in my F-list can watch it when the video are posted ! ^^