April 18th, 2009

Sengokushi GACKT

Little more about me ? ^^

I've just noticed something in my LJ ...
I don't speak so much about me here, Livejournal is a blog where you can post anything about your life, and this is what I have decided to do now ! ^_^

I'm a boy, I live in France, and I have 20 years old.
My current username everywhere is Tenshin26100, and I like sharing many stuffs about Gackt, because I think it's a good way for promote this great man ! :)

~ Dailymotion Account ~
~ Skyblog Account (In french only) ~
~ My second Skyblog Account, Tenshin26100 ! (French & English) ~
~ My Facebook account, at my real name, Franck Archer !  (You need to be my friend for see this page) ~

Then, this is a picture of my beloved girlfriend ! <3


And this is a picture of me ! :P


See ya ! ^__^