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A quick entry about the FIRST concert of the YFC Europe Tour ! ^^

Well, sorry, it will be a disorder most probably, but I need to sort the things out before going to bed, it will help me to make my live-report as soon the second one is over ! :)

Well, about the concert itself, the setlist was both old songs, and both new ones, but the base of the old setlist was kept, it means that the second and the third songs was Nine Spiral and Speed Master. They was singing new songs too, but you can't sing with him because you don't know the lyrics at all. They are quite cool, but at the end, you have a WONDERFULL balad, trust me, Jon and GACKT, this duo is PERFECT ! <3 G have done alone the same kind of solo without instruments like Flower last year in europe, but it was with a new song. His english have IMPROVED in the new songs, really ! <3

Here is the setlist with the songs we know ! :) (base on my own memory, maybe it contains some mistakes ! ^^')

- ???
- Nine Spiral
- Speed Master
- ???
- Mind Forest (English version)
- Episode.0 (More rockish version)
- Vanilla
- ???
- Justified
- Jesus
- ???
- ???
- Encore - Uncontrol (YFC version)

Here is the provisory setlist I can give for now. The show was simply awesome, but the bad point is that there wasn't that much people in the venue. In the standing spots, you was behind when you was fourth or 5th row. There was more in the balcony maybe, or at least equivalent. For those who was doubting about Jon, just stop. When he sing, it's :

- At the same time with GACKT
- As a backup voice like Nine Spiral
- Sometimes, he was singing alone, but it was never more than GACKT, it was equivalent.

Well, I guess I will end the spoilers for now. Oh, I've bought tons of goods, the posters are SO SO big, really, check the few pictures I will post and you will see. An another thing is that the red plot at the center of the stage was bigger, probably because the band is bigger now. The pics will go without comments, and are really small, it's made in purpose for now as a not final entry ! ^^


See ya ... tomorow, or when I come back at home, later ! <3
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