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My dear friend ...

My dear friend,
I wanted to dedicate you one entry for you. You left us for a better world yesterday. Just like me, you was also a fan of our dear GACKT, but you was also a really great friend. I only had the chance to chat with you via MSN only one single time, and I remember your joy, your way to see the things positively. Even if I don't know you well, I'm just crying at this moment, because you was so nice with me, and with us, you was mature and also a really smart woman. Why, so young, you was only 33 years old ...
You had the chance to see GACKT on stage, but you're missing a lot to me, and to everyone. We will never forget you Malicia, never ! I regret to have saw you recently online on MSN and that I though "I'm tired, I will talk to you tomorow", but now, it's impossible, I'm sorry ...

If I have something to say to everyone who read this, it's to enjoy every seconds of your life, don't hesitate, enjoy most as you can, spend a lot of your times with your friends, your family, with everyone who care for you, because you don't know what will happens tomorow !

R.I.P. my dear [info]malicia8  !

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