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[Graphics] GACKT - Seito Kaichô Photoshoot (Clearfiles + Notebooks + Bromides) ~Icons~

Hello everyone ! ^__^
Here is a true entry today, the previous one was more than a draft, so an another today is always good, isn't it ? I've decided to make a set of icons from the recent GACKT, alias Seito Kaichô photoshoot. The original scans come from
pyroyale, and because her scans are near from the perfect result, I decided to not wait to scan mine for making icons ! ^__^
I really hope you will love them, I've made them in purpose of this after all. Peoples seems to have enjoyed my last set of icons, so I hope everyone will enjoy this one ! ^__^

Please credit me if you plan to use these icons, it was not easy to have a nice result for some of them, thanks ! ^__^



How to credit ?
Just follow this picture, credit me as "tenshin26100", thanks !
Tags: camui gakuen, gackt, gakuensai, graphics, scans
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