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[Scans] Crisis Core : Final Fantasy VII (Genesis Scans) ~HQ~

Hello everyone ! ^__^
I'm in my scanner fever today, so why not for sharing something really new who haven't been shared at all for now ? It's half-related to GACKT, but still, because his name is written on one of the scans. I'm talking about GENESIS on Crisis Core : Final Fantasy VII, released on PSP. When I bought the game a while back, I've also bought two official guides. They both contain two nice pages with Genesis in it !!! ^__^

The first scan is from the "Soldier's Combat Manual" who is a small guide book, and the second one, a more detailled book, called "Ultimania", who seems to contain a lot of things about Genesis ! ^_^

Just enjoy them much as you can, and even if the pics in it are already seen before, it's always nice to have new stuff from Genesis, and especially in such nice quality ! ^__^

Tags: crisis core, final fantasy, gackt, genesis, hq, official guide, psp, scans, ultimania
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