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[MP3] GACKT - EVER (Full Version)

Hello everyone ! ^^
Yesterday, it was the broadcast on NicoNico Douga of the weekly radio show. But this radio show was a bit special, because they have decided to broadcast the FULL VERSION of the song called "EVER" from his upcoming single. It was a great surprise, but damn, this song is really awesome and really powerfull !
I'm pretty sure you also want to hear the full version of this song, right ? Well, this time, I was too slow *laugh*, so I will direct you to an another LJ for the download link. A big thanks to
dyan25 for the fast upload. And because her audio rip are perfectly done like the one I've made, it's now useless to make my own upload, right ? ^^

Download link over there !

But I've also decided to share my own version of my audio-rip on Youtube. During the broadcast, they was showing the cover of the limited version of EVER, so it's the original version of what you was seeing on NicoNico Douga ! ^_^

Tags: download, ever, gackt, mp3, niconico douga, single
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