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This European Tour ...

Hello everyone ! ^^
I will anwser to all the latest comments I've recieved, but at first, I wanted to speak about something that I've seen and who are really interesting. All of this will be explained under the cut, I'm sure you would be really surprised about how the man is not having such ideas at the very last moment or only because he have to do an european tour because it's told to him by Avex. I considering making a subbed version in english of this video later ... ^^
For information, this video was a fan record, and was at the Japan Expo 2006, one of the biggest japanese convention, remember the date, 2006 ! :)


He talked about a lot of few things in this video, but a few things have cought my attention yesterday when I've watched the video, let's see together, okay ? ^^
Please note that this message was for france ! ^__^

"I plan to make a tour in France and in Europe in a near future."

"We are actually working on it and I hope many of you will come to encourage me."

"A changing period is now close and I will continue to show you all of my energy in the future."

First picture : He have already planned to make an European Tour in 2006 for a near future.

Second picture : He was planning to make everything he have to do for making this European Tour. (Leaving Nippon Crown ?)

Third picture : This "changing period" is surely everything who have happened next (furrinkazan, etc ...), but I'm also pretty sure it's related to leave Nippon Crown, but I'm not sure

Anyway, the primary goal of this entry is to show to everyone how GACKT is a genious, how he's truly making awesome things, and not in the last moment. I love him ! <3

The video in LQ for those who are interested to see ! ^^

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