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[DVDrip] GACKT - ~Yellow Fried Chicken's~ Otoko Matsuri (2010.03.21) ~HQ~

Hello everyone ! ^_^
I think that this entry will be cherished by a lot of peoples here. Here is, finally, my own DVDrip from my DVD of the famous YFC concert. I think that this concert is pretty awesome, and for me, better than R&R II itself, but it's two different categories after all. Anyway, let me introduce this upload, okay ? This concert was made the 21th March 2010 and was for guys only, NO GIRLS was accepted. This concert is pretty awesome because of the guys especially, everything sound so much more "electric" than the other concert he have ever made. See, my Abingdon Boys School concert was pretty like that, fans really close to the stage and the band only for the show. He said himself that he want to bring YFC to America too, so why not for a "maybe" European Tour after all ? ^_^

This video is in .mp4 format for many reasons. First, it's mainly for the quality of the concert and also for the file size. Then, it will prevent stalkers for cropping the files. And also, it will again prevent against stalkers who repost my stuff on Jpopsuki, because I've seen several times my stuff reposted over there WITHOUT credits. I've also added my username on the file description in order to be sure to not be stalked again. Very well, the .mp4 format will be the only format I will provide this time, play the file with VLC media player and everything will be alright ! :)
Join the files together with HJsplit, and please credit my work if you repost the concert, it was a lot of work to rip and upload the concert, thanks ! ^_^
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