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17 October 2012 @ 11:35 pm

You will see that message for EVERY single downloads of my livejournal who have been uploaded by me from now ...
I know that first of all, I'm not in my rights because what I upload are copyrighted materials, I don't need to be reminded about that, thanks. I seriously don't know what to do, all my recent uploads, on my TWO separate accounts have been suspended. Basically, it means that NO MORE DOWNLOADS ARE AVAILABLE ANYMORE , on 90% of my whole livejournal.

I'm starting to lose faith, first Megaupload, now Mediafire who did that, what should I do ? Besides sharing it, I do love sharing stuff, for my own pleasure at the very begining.

What should I do ? Locking all my entries, compress the files with double password protected, or something else ???

I need to hear your voices. I won't close my blog because I've too much memories with it and personal stuff written there, so be sure of that.

Thanks in advance !
01 January 2022 @ 12:00 am

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01 March 2021 @ 12:00 am
GACKT leave a message for Japan and the world !

01 January 2020 @ 12:00 am

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~ If you want to be in my friend list, add a comment here and let me know who you are in few lines, and where you coming from ! ~
~ Don't be shy, I love having some overseas friends ! ^_^ ~

~ My Livejournal contain many rare HQ stuff related to Gackt, if you are interested to see them, leave a comment. ~
~ Of course, I will still continue to create public entry about Gackt stuff, don't worry, but the biggest part was for those who are in my friend list now ! ~

~ Some added rules : ~
~ 1°) I don't accept friend requests via PM anymore, don't be shy and leave a comment here, I don't bite ! ^_^ ~
~ 2°) Annonymous comments are accepted, but be aware I can't add you as a friend if you don't have a LiveJournal account ... ~

~ 3°) It can take some time for me to answer you, but I will definetly answer you or answer you, thanks for the understanding ! =) ~
Today, I'm still in the mood of sharing some more GACKT files selected from my Dailymotion account. I think it could be a good idea to back them up here for those who want to watch some of my videos offline too. So here I am with this one, a TV coverage of the Okinawa Red Carpet where GACKT joined to promote the movie he participated in. I did have recorded this live on Japanese television, to offer you the best quality as I could back then ! ^_^

I didn't know I could record the japanese TV in HD back then, so this one won't be in HD like my recent Dailymotion uploads, I'm sorry about that.

Credits are appreciated if you repost the file, but not necessary. Just don't claim it as your work, okay guys ? <3

Hello everyone :)
Today, I've decided to share with you all some video uploads ... because it has seriously been an eternity since the last time I seriously uploaded something besides concerts. Anyway, I'll try to upload videos I usually only share on Dailymotion, so you can enjoy it for free on your computer too. This video was recorded live on the ShowRoom website through special ways to avoid the comments and animations on the videos. That explains why this video is free of all these things and looks clean. :)

The quality is marked as "HQ", but it is definetly not the best thing you've seen. However, it is the highest video quality that was available during the stream. There was not any VODs for it, so I was lucky I could catch it in time ^^

Credits are appreciated if you repost the file, but not necessary. Just don't claim it as your work, okay guys ? <3

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Hello everyone :)
These days, something came up to me. Something that I didn't see in a while. So while this post could apply to any sort of celebrities on social medias, I will focus on the one I know the best. In fact, what I will talk about right now have a name, it is called
catfishing. (Click on the word to get a good definition of it.)
What is this word that relates to furry balls and fishing some fishes ? Well, it is about creating an entire world, sometimes people, or anything, that ends up being fake. It mostly happens online as it's easier to hide the lies, but it also happens in real life. When someone creates a fake famous celebrity profile (or any random people) and he makes someone believe he/she is truly the person he/she pretends to be ... it IS catfishing. And this, especially for a long time. Do not mix up catfishing with roleplay accounts, because in such cases, you DO specify it is just roleplay and NOT the reality.

I was myself a victim of catfishing for nearly an entire year with someone who would have made up so much lies and even created 4 or 5 different persons I've interacted with. Some people are very smart, but the one we're gonna talk about here aren't really that type.

Got curious ? Come with me to find out the truth !
No names of anyone will be published in this, except for those accounts that I know at 100% they are fake accounts, celebrities or not.

~All the infos under the cut, take a look ! ^_^ ~Collapse )
Hello ^_^
Long time no see, right ? Well, it's because I tend to share most of my videos nowadays on my Dailymotion account, so it gives me less time to write an entry on my blog. But for such type of videos, I think it's necessary to dedicate my time for an entry, don't you think ?
Today, the 04th of July of 2018, it is the birthday of our dear GACKT, he turned 45 years old. He have made a concert called "LAST SONGS" wich was to commemorate the big steps of his carreer, the most important things related to him (at least, that's how I see it lol). He also invited guests, such as Jon Underdown from YFC, he performed songs with those guests, and I loved it. So I though of sharing the full concert for you guys ! <3

There was a little lag during Yohio's MC with GACKT, and I apologize for that. Overall, the video quality is quite similar to the original broadcast. I did my best to give the best results as I could ^_^

Join all the parts together with the freeware called "HJsplit" and make sure the file names are exactly the same before doing so ! ^_^