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17 October 2012 @ 11:35 pm

You will see that message for EVERY single downloads of my livejournal who have been uploaded by me from now ...
I know that first of all, I'm not in my rights because what I upload are copyrighted materials, I don't need to be reminded about that, thanks. I seriously don't know what to do, all my recent uploads, on my TWO separate accounts have been suspended. Basically, it means that NO MORE DOWNLOADS ARE AVAILABLE ANYMORE , on 90% of my whole livejournal.

I'm starting to lose faith, first Megaupload, now Mediafire who did that, what should I do ? Besides sharing it, I do love sharing stuff, for my own pleasure at the very begining.

What should I do ? Locking all my entries, compress the files with double password protected, or something else ???

I need to hear your voices. I won't close my blog because I've too much memories with it and personal stuff written there, so be sure of that.

Thanks in advance !
01 January 2022 @ 12:00 am

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01 March 2021 @ 12:00 am
GACKT leave a message for Japan and the world !

01 January 2020 @ 12:00 am

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~ If you want to be in my friend list, add a comment here and let me know who you are in few lines, and where you coming from ! ~
~ Don't be shy, I love having some overseas friends ! ^_^ ~

~ My Livejournal contain many rare HQ stuff related to Gackt, if you are interested to see them, leave a comment. ~
~ Of course, I will still continue to create public entry about Gackt stuff, don't worry, but the biggest part was for those who are in my friend list now ! ~

~ Some added rules : ~
~ 1°) I don't accept friend requests via PM anymore, don't be shy and leave a comment here, I don't bite ! ^_^ ~
~ 2°) Annonymous comments are accepted, but be aware I can't add you as a friend if you don't have a LiveJournal account ... ~

~ 3°) It can take some time for me to answer you, but I will definetly answer you or answer you, thanks for the understanding ! =) ~
Happy New Year 2017 everyone !!!
I would like to wish you all a much better year than what we had in 2016, and hopefully tons of new and positive memories for you all. I know it might be like every other years, both shitty and ... not shitty, but I still hope for the best, for you all ! :)

I wanted to share this since a while actually, but because of the lack of proper time to scan this LONG book, I basically spent months to complete it entirely and get satisfaction in my work. To scan half of this, in the fastest way as possible, it took the entire afternoon, from like 2 PM to 7 PM. I did that for so long, but at the end, I know it will worth it !
I'm offering you all to begin this new year the photobook of the Best of the Best 2013 tour, that is quite hard to find nowadays, and who got sold-out really fast. It is a really beautifull photobook, wich have a lot of nice photos, both of backstage and live. I do hope you will love it ! :)

For the sake of keeping my photobook alive, I couldn't scan ALL the pages obviously, but I still think I'm providing you a decent amount though ! ^^
Find the password among the scans, it is really easy if you pay a little bit attention, so no need to ask for it ! ^_^

No need to credit me for the scans if you repost them, however, if you do, I would really appreciate it ! Also, I will read all your messages, so a thank you if you take it is always enjoyable for me ! :333

~ A lot of gorgeous pictures under the cut ! ^_^ ~Collapse )
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Hello everyone ! :D *blows some dust here*
After 2 days of hardwork (I was busy, so it's been 3 days since it has aired), I can finally share with you all the GACKT Last Visualive, that he performed in Japan earlier this year. It was aired in japanese television WoWoW the 23th October 2016, and I got to record it. It glitched, but I had access to the direct channel stream with a good and decent quality. HOWEVER, someone that I won't mention since I don't know if he/she wants to (if you do, message me ^^) posted a 24 Gbs version of the concert, in Ultra HD !!! :D

However, since it is a biiit troublesome to share a 24 Gbs file besides torrent, and also because I understand that some people cannot store such big files, I worked on a smaller version. The video quality isn't ultra HD, but it is great HQ to me. If you want to take a look, here's a preview ! :)

If those screencaps made you wanna see more of that lovely concert, go and download the full concert, not recorded by myself, BUT fully edited (removed useless commercials) and converted in .mp4 by myself. And trust me, for a 24 Gbs file, it is not easy ! :P
Anyway, let's get to the point. If you want to download it, you will need TWO things :

- An account on this website (it's free) : MEGA
- Their software, available here : SOFTWARE

So if you're done with everything, you can proceed to the download, right below.
Make sure to download that FAST, as I don't know for how long the link will remain active, due to copyright issues.
Hello everyone :)
Well, you probably all know that during the Last Visualive GACKT tour 2016, there's another album released there wich work as a live setlist, features ALL the songs/musics played during the concert, right ? If not, I'll redirect you to the scans of this special CD I shared previously
HERE. But what make this cd so special is that it contains unreleased tracks such as Utakata no Yume, previously ONLY played live during SDSN Tour in 2004, 12 years ago. Another track, wich is a song this time, called 揺籃歌-LULLING- is performed live during the LVL tour, but is absent from the Last Moon album we all know. However, this track is available on that Setlist CD, wich currently make that a must have for fans like me ! :D
BUT, and there's a big one (pun intended xD) here, it is that it is not my thing to share stuff that can be purchased, like CDs or DVD. I sooometimes do the DVDrips, but you may have noticed it is quite rare. And much rarer for the CDs. But still, I've decided, after many requests from people to share the exclusive tracks to you all. If you want the other songs, you gotta buy the Last Moon album yourself, that's the deal ! :D

The songs are in a low audio quality, 80 kbps. Why not a great 320 kbps ? Because this CD is still currently being sold, and while being in France, I could still get my hands on it, so I believe others can as well. It works like previews, except those are the full tracks. It is a fair deal between those who wanna discover what are those exclusive tracks and those who are against such kind of sharing. We can't make everyone happy, right ? Well, I'm trying though ;)
Password to be found in the entry, look carefully !

I would appreciate if these are not uploaded on streaming websites such as Youtube, but if they still are ... well, I'll still be able to notice it due to the low audio quality. A thank you is VERY welcomed, and as for credits, well, you know the deal, right ? :3

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Hello everyone :)
It has been a while, I know, but well, I've been really busy with personal life, and to be honest, money is quite an issue lately, so I'm buying less GACKT stuff than I used to buy before. But that doesn't mean I'll stop bringing you all scans, I still have tons of stuff that needs to be scanned anyway ! xD Anyway, here is scans of the most popular version of the Last Moon album, the so called "Setlist CD". This CD is basically the setlist of the current LVL tour, but since these are studio versions, they do contain some never released tracks before. :)
I am thinking for example for the Shamisen song he played live only during the SDSN Tour in 2004, or the beautifull "揺籃歌 -LULLING-" track ! This special 2 disks setlist CD follow the order of the songs played during the Last Visualive concerts, and is currently only available at the tour if you buy along with it one of the two versions of the Last Moon album.

There is nothing much to scan in this since there is simply NO back covers, the CDs alone cost only 2778 Yens after all. I am thinking of sharing the exclusive tracks from these CDs in another entry anyway, but you gotta wait for it :)

I don't always anwser the comments, but I'll read them all, so a thank you is always appreciated ! :3 Also, don't credit the work behind these scans as yours, thanks !

~ What the Setlist truly looks like is behind the cut ! ^_^ ~Collapse )