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17 October 2012 @ 11:35 pm

You will see that message for EVERY single downloads of my livejournal who have been uploaded by me from now ...
I know that first of all, I'm not in my rights because what I upload are copyrighted materials, I don't need to be reminded about that, thanks. I seriously don't know what to do, all my recent uploads, on my TWO separate accounts have been suspended. Basically, it means that NO MORE DOWNLOADS ARE AVAILABLE ANYMORE , on 90% of my whole livejournal.

I'm starting to lose faith, first Megaupload, now Mediafire who did that, what should I do ? Besides sharing it, I do love sharing stuff, for my own pleasure at the very begining.

What should I do ? Locking all my entries, compress the files with double password protected, or something else ???

I need to hear your voices. I won't close my blog because I've too much memories with it and personal stuff written there, so be sure of that.

Thanks in advance !
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01 March 2021 @ 12:00 am
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Hello everyone ! :)
I've been seriously wondering about something lately, something quite big that I'm asking you all about it. It's linked to the past old website that have been totally changed, wich means the old contains have been deleted forever. But first, let me explain what is it all about.

Lemme give you a short description of what those two places mentionned in the title looked like :



- GACKT's dog Eneru had a blog with tons of pics of him (and sometimes of G) talking about various random stuff probably. You could clearly see that G put his dog in some places in purpose, or sometimes clearly did a photo manipulation with his dog looking at something. I truly don't know what the text is all about, but there's quite a few pages already, and here's how it basically looks like when you could watch it back then. The blog was only viewable for the DEARS fanclub members, it wasn't available publicly.

(Click to enlarge, contains is blurred)


- Dears Theater was a place included in the now gone Dears Village. This place featured a hundred of videos of various stuff. Some were simple previews of his old PV or concerts, some were exclusive vids like special camera angles for Setsugekka's PV, but the biggest part of the contains was available for FC contains. Like special messages, funny stuff, etc. This place was used to publish new videos related to G's recent activities, but got forgotten after a while, but a lot of old videos deleted back then were still there.

(Click to enlarge the picture)


My point about describing those two places is the following.
They are now totally gone, wich is for me somehow a hole in what GACKT did in the past. Lots of contains disapeared too. I somehow wish to update publicly the contains of these two places, wich means the Eneru blog entries with the small pics, and the videos that were available on the Dears Theater, both public and FC ones.
I'm sure you might wonder why I think that way for these two things and not about the past MGG that have been deleted from the old website ? Because the Monthly GACKT Global concept is still going on right now on the newest website, while the two ones listed above have been discontinued and totally disapeared and never appeared again, and probably never will again. That is why I wish to do that, because I love sharing the love, and also because it's gone and won't appear anytime again online anymore.
I've already made a Dailymotion channel quite a while back then with right now all the public videos that were on the Dears Theater available. They were public, so I don't see why it's not okay to share them. However, the FC ones, while being uploaded on that channel, will remain private for now. The link for the channel is here :

What's your opinion about it ?

Poll #1984315 Worthy questions.

Would you want Eneru's blog contains to be public, despite it being FC contains ?


Poll #1984316 Worthy questions.

Would you want Dears Theater FC videos to be public ?


PS : I was a Fanclub member for 3 years, and will recieve my new G&LOVERS members ID card soon, so I'm only thinking that way because I think this can be stuff that people might enjoy getting their hands on, that's it. And sorry if the Fanclub thingy is a sensitive case, I'm aware of that, otherwise, I wouldn't even make that poll in the first place, but I need to know wich choice would please as much people as possible. :)
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Hello folks~
To achieve my goal to be more active in this fandom full of
naked pillows (wich I didn't ordered, for obvious reasons), let's share with you all scans of an item that isn't that common, or should I say that is somehow rare I think. This is the Uesugi Kenshin Postcards Set, probably sold during one of the first Kenshin Kousai events if my memory is good. It feaures lots of awesome photos, and Belle's mom gifted it to me quite some time ago, I can't thank her enough for that lovely gift. Sorry for not posting the scans before, I hope I'm forgiven now ! <3
The postcards aren't that big, so the quality cannot be as good as a big book, but it's still pretty gorgeous to me, so I do hope you'll enjoy them ! :)

Do wathever you want with them, just don't claim them as yours, thanks. Also, if you repost, a credit or a thank you is always appreciated of course ! :3


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Hello everyone ! :)
A quick entry before I leave for Paris. Strangely, I'm not that tired, maybe it's because of my recent shower ? Anyway, I wanted to share them since quite a long time, but as always recently, I couldn't. GACKT now released quite some ago cute little stickers who represent him, as a Chibi. Those stickers, aren't free sadly when you're using LINE either on Iphone or Android. What I did to compilate them all on this entry wasn't to take screenshots of my screen. I've digged into my phone hidden folders via an app that allowed me to reach and download those stickers in their original quality, like they were made. So no quality lost while editing a screencap, only the real thing, like you've maybe always wanted ! ;)

As you may have figured it out, those aren't pics I've found online and put there randomly, so you cannot expect a better quality than these below. ^_~

If you share those below, please at least credit me for the work I put into it, thanks ! ^_^


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I'm shamelessly updating my dead Livejournal after a while to offer you new scans never shared before in the fandom in HQ. Indeed, I did have recieved the MoonSaga Novel quite some time ago (got it from HMV since it's sold-out on CDjapan), and guess what did motivated me to own it ? Not because it's a GACKT product, but because I heard from other people that there is some interesting pictures of MoonSaga in it. So because I could not read anything from the Novel, I decided to own it for the pics and to scan them, wich is what I'm offering you there. The two MoonSaga pro pictures for the Vol.2 have already been revealed before, but I don't think they did in such quality. As for the backstage pics of the Hyori's auditions, they were totally new to me ! ^_^

I did have shared the full pages and for two the pictures alone AS WELL, but they are not included in the entry itself. To get them, you'll have to grab the zipped folder at the end of the entry. The reason ? It's easier if you wanna look at them only, and as a plus, they are sliighty in a better size ! ;)

As always, do wathever you want with them, but don't claim them as yours, thank you. Also, credits are appreciated of course, and a thanks too ! <3


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